Plumbing Supplies You Should Have For DIY Repairs

31 August 2016
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As a homeowner, requiring plumbing repairs is unavoidable. Since plumbing systems are quite extensive and are exposed to heavy usage, they are bound to acquire damage at one time or another. Serious plumbing issues should always be addressed by a plumbing service. This is to ensure that the problem is not exacerbated leading to it escalating. However, minor plumbing work such as unclogging drains and fixing leaking pipes can be carried out by you if you are interested in DIY projects. Before you can engage in any plumbing work in your home, you would have to ensure you have the appropriate tools at hand. Here are a couple of the plumbing supplies that any homeowner interested in DIY repairs should have.

Pipe epoxy

Epoxy is a malleable adhesive substance that is used to patch up minor leaks and cracks. It should be noted that pipe epoxy is not a permanent fix. Instead, it gives you the chance to plug up any leaks that have occurred in your piping. This is convenient if you do not have the necessary piping materials but would like to stave the leak as you stock up on supplies. It is also convenient fi for instance you engaged in DIY pipe repairs only to find you cannot fix the problem at hand. The pipe epoxy can hold of the leak ass you seek professional services to permanently fix the problem.

Drain snake

Most homeowners will have a plumber to assist in unclogging sinks and toilets. Although this is a convenient tool for this, there are occasions when the blockages cannot be easily eliminated by the plunger. For these instances, it would be advisable to invest in a drain snake. This tool can travel down the drain, unlike a plunger, enabling it to access the blockages easier.

Plumbing tape

Another essential plumbing supply that you should have in your home is plumbing tape. This tape is also commonly referred to either as PTFE or as Teflon tape. Plumbing tape comes in handy when you are facing minor leaks at your plumbing fixtures. The tape is applied onto the fixture as you tighten it to stop the leak. Ensure you apply the tape above the fixture's thread so that the plumbing tape provides the fixture with an additional layer of waterproof sealing. Hence, it decreases the chances of a leak springing up at the same spot. Plumbing tape is also convenient when you are trying to connect to pipes together and would like to ensure that water does not leak between them.